Friday, May 27, 2011

The front garden was in full bloom a couple weeks ago.

Now it's just showing off.

The Iceberg climber we planted years and years ago, has never
had as many blossoms and the two Iceberg bushes just beyond the
gate have more blooms than leaves. The wind has now laid a carpet of white petals along the brick path and still there are roses clinging to the bush.

Look at Lu peeking over the roses, one of her rare front yard appearances. 

 This garden was loosely planned and sparsely planted.
The roses were dug up from the back and moved here and the foxgloves I actually broke
down and bought this spring to fill in the big crater left in front of the window
when we moved our Mutabilis rose out of there. We move plants around like furniture.
 The Jupiter's Beard and the
Love-in-a-mist are exuberant volunteers.

 This time of year the front yard makes me slow down and take a 
deep breath when I open the door.

 The back yard is in full bloom too and that Cecil Bruner rose is creeping its way
into domination.

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