Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*************Pin Recipe***************

What to do with those quilt scraps.

 This is the trim from a quilt I made using lace and silks and cottons, using what i call my aerobic sewing method. I snip and rip and then go to the machine and sew and then back to the table 
where I cut and trim with rotary cutter leaving frayed edges and then back to the machine to sew, then to the ironing board....

it's a work out really.

anyway, I find it difficult to throw these bits away and that's what started the pin making.
I've found that thinner fabrics work best. Trim to about 1 1/4" strips and then baste along one long edge....

pull as you do so...

until it forms a circle/flower and then secure with a knot and add embellishments to taste.

Embellishment here is a crochet flower from hemp and an old button.

I like using those pin back/bale backs so you can wear it as a pendant if the mood strikes.

You can also do the same thing with ribbon....

I have some beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon  I used here with some more crochet and sweet flower and leaf beads.


for this one I folded the strip and added some beach glass and seed beads to the mix.

almost forgot...

I glue on a piece of scrap (canvas) and then glued the pin back to that but it can easily be sewn instead.




  1. Marvelous tutorial!! Love the photos and 'wallpaper'!

  2. Thanks Allene! I forgot the last picture, one of the back. I'll get it up here soon.