Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to my nest!

Here I gather my collections of things found and created for my own and I hope, your enjoyment. I will be divesting myself of some of these in the future so please stay tuned.

By way of introduction I thought I'd post something old and something new.

The new is a smallish bag I made for my essentials.

Dog poop bag

I could have left out that last item but the list is somewhat
biographical.  Emphasis on the graphical. One of my essentials that doesn't fit in the bag, is an English Bull Dog called Lucy. She is my Muse and Companion and will definitely make an appearance here sooner or later.
That's just how she is.

The bag is made of burlap, one of my favorite materials but a bit messy to work with.

I used some seed beads as edging around the flap and added
sort of a bead tassel in lieu of a closure. The weight of the beads holds the flap down, eliminating
the need for a snap or button.  The red beads were a gift from The Monk, an old
friend who is now a Buddhist Monk and incredible bead weaver, the other two beads are of my own concocting. The black carved pendant is made of fimo and the round central bead is also fimo and paper mache from an old Chinese Almanac.

The Old...

A necklace made from more me made beads and a sterling silver scissors charm.
That's quite a sentence. 

I love this.

It's a bold statement piece.

The necklace, not the sentence.

Another oldie but goodie.
the  apron

Excellent vintage style with recycled fabrics.

But wait!
There's more and I'll be back to show and tell soon.

I would love to read any comments, suggestions, investment tips, the location of delicious 
restaurants in California and what you all think are essentials and how big a bag do you need for them?
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Thanks for visiting.


  1. Wishing you well in your new nest, Yolie. xxxj

  2. Thank you Dear Jaihn!
    New ventures are always so fun, thanks for joining me.