Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful People and Things...

 Another thing I collect...

beautiful websites and blogs about
people, food, art, fashion, vintage trailers, bulldogs...

the list is long. 
One leads to another and that one leads to another and 
on and on the list grows. 

In no particular order or theme,
here are four to check out.

Food and Art.
Two of my top ten favorite things.

and from there I found
the very sweet and beautiful

Here's a striking beauty of a thing.

Deep dark and delicious black and white photos.


Here is an amazing collection of African Art that I'd love 
to see in person as this art really packs a punch
when you're in it's presence.
As all art should!


  1. Fantastic! I visited all the websites and I'm breathless with awe! So much talent, so many different avenues to travel in the world of art & expression. Wow-thanks!

  2. thanks Allene! I'm so glad you found them as wonderful as I did.

  3. Fantastic indeed! I've only fallen into the photo link and I'm smitten. What a great site, I will have to look at all the photos there. I just spent yesterday down the rabbit hole of Vivian Maier's photos, which led me to Diane Arbus' photos. My head is swirling with the art of it all.... Thanks for the lovely links. Wish I had nothing to do but look!

  4. Hi Mel!
    So glad you found something to like here. I've seen some of those Vivian Maier's...powerful stuff and of course Arbus' work is also amazing. So much to see and be moved by in this world!
    Thanks for sharing.