Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fimo Beads...

Fimo and Sculpey are amazingly versatile materials to work with. It can be as simple as rolling available colors right from the package into round beads or,
you can add stuff like spices or glitter or even dirt to the clay while you're molding it. It can be carved, painted, extruded into coils, you can transfer images from paper to clay.  It can even be used to mimic the look of jade, turquoise, ivory, coral and other natural materials.
The possibilities are endless.
Here's a sampling of what I've done with some of these techniques.

These beads are made by mixing colors "loosely". Too much mixing can
yield muddy colored beads and it's a tricky business knowing when
to stop.

The pendant above....
does anyone recognize that pattern.
It's the paper from those Chinese sandalwood soaps you can find
in any Chinatown in America.

This pendant is a transfer of a Japanese Family Crest and the brown beads are painted Sculpey.

Another Japanese Crest transfer and Fimo sculpted bird.

This resin pendant was made from a piece of wrapping paper that had a bit of glittery shine to it and it gave me the idea to add glitter to the Fimo. It's really subtle but I love that bit of dark sparkle.

Again, Fimo right out of the package loosely blended and wrapped in copper wire.

The only Fimo  here is that one bead above the pendant.

And this is what to do with leftovers, though I admit, it adds some lbs to the scale.

Rock Paper Scissors. 
Here I used all sorts of inclusions in the Fimo.
Coffee, coriander, paprika and some dirt. 

There is always more to learn and experiment with when it comes to this stuff and there are lots of books and tons of tutorials out there. 

Can I please have a couple more hours in my day?

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