Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday in the Garden

A new week.

Where to begin?

The house is screaming for attention. Vacuum me! Dust us!  Clean and scrub!  Wash and put away!

It's a symphony of chores I'm listening to and not doing much about.

And then there's the garden....

A beautiful mess...

In every shade of blue...

and green...

and no laying about in the hammock, yet. 

There is a symphony out here too, an opera of weeds and clearing of spider webs  and deadheading to be done.
And it looks like my onions might be ready to dig up!
I better get going!

So I better get going!


  1. Thanks for your visit on my french blog "l'heure bohème". I love your garden, all these beautiful colours !

  2. Thank you for visiting L'heure boheme!
    Not everyone appreciates so much color but my eyes never tire of it.