Monday, June 6, 2011

This is one of the first dolls I ever made my daughter. I followed a basic 5 piece pattern
and embroidered her face and then came up with this crochet chain hair idea. I had some purple cotton yarn handy so that's what she got.  Any girls born after this got one like her specially made for them. I experimented with all kinds of yarn for the hair but this is my favorite. She's been well loved. My daughter painted little hearts on her hands at some point, they're fading as are the tips of her hair but the dress is in fine condition.
There's this website, The Burning House, which asks the question, if your house was burning what would you take with you?  It's a rich and beautiful peak into people's lives.
We've spent years collecting and feathering our nest with objects we love and the idea that you could only grab what you could carry and leave the rest to go up in flames and then lay in a carpet of ashes is horrifying. There is no question that Lu would be at the top of the list to grab and run with though how one would run carrying a 50+ lb bulldog... and yes she would have to be carried as she refuses to
come when called for any reason other than bacon.
After that I don't know that I'd have the presence of mind to grab anything else. A few years ago
we had a pretty hefty earthquake rock our world. It was a 6 point something and all I remember thinking about was getting out immediately, no grabbing anything except for my kid and our old dog Cassius who, bless his heart, did come when called. We stood in the front yard until the world stopped shaking but it was a while before my knees stopped clattering.
But now, today in the stillness with no imminent calamities threatening (that I know of) and purple hair here in the chair, I'm sure I'd grab her.

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  1. It's funny. My children made ME dolls. And those are the things, along with the book my daughter May made me a long time ago, that I have always thought I'd grab if there was a fire.
    Your doll is beautiful. Please, Lord, don't ever let your house burn down. You have too much treasure there. I know you do.