Friday, July 29, 2011

The Butterfly Collector

This  article from NPR reminded me of this little fabric collage
I made years ago.

I had/have a thing for hands. I made a series of these hands but this
was my favorite.

That led me to this...

Chinese Opera hand
that led to...

the stitched hand
which led to...

 the doodled hand
which led to...

 the cut out

and then...

the collaged...

   the real and beautiful hands of my daughter.

and finally...

Raising Their Hands

Sometimes I dream about my students,
the pink of their palms
red and raw.
One student, seven feet tall,
his long back
hunched over the desk,
his arm out and above him —
he could be waving
or stopping a train.
Another student wears eyeliner for the stage.
She bends from the ribs
her body forming a tiny "c,"
her hand up sudden as a whitecap.

Some days they frighten me.
Put your hands down, I tell them.
Shout. Explode. Scream it.
Instead they look at me and smile
the way they would at foreigners who don't speak the language.
That's how they've trained me.
Now I wait until I see a scatter of fingers
and then I choose —
Yes, your palm, your hand,
your arched spine,
you with your idea,

Julia Lisella

 Wishing you a joyful weekend.


  1. oh, just wonderful. especially, especially the hands of your child, which might be the inspiration for all the other hands.

    i also love the collaged hands. I like to think of them there, because some days, i feel just like that man.

    you're awesome, ms. yolie. you just are.

  2. Thanks Ms Angella. I really like that little collage too.