Friday, July 15, 2011

Pillow Talk

I've been making pillows for the Sweet Lime using just what I can find in my scrap pile and no design in mind, just cut as I go and see what happens. 
The first one I made from pieces of an old sheet and some lime green hand dyed scraps left over from I don't remember what project but it's perfect! I embroidered some vines and leaves and voila!
The second (front) I made today from various scraps and I tried free motion sewing on my machine and got terrifically frustrated and wound up sewing lines up and down and added some circles atop and I love the way the fabric puckered a little bit and makes it look likes it quilted.

This one I made from old jeans and other scraps last year. 

And then there's the whale pillow made from an old navy blue fleece jacket. He's the perfect back and neck pillow for reading in bed.

You would think the button pillow isn't comfortable but au contraire mon fraire, turn it around and it's a perfect head to rest my little head on when watching movies.

A simple stitched  bird on muslin, gift for a friend.

A nice reminder stitched on an old linen table cloth.

There are more but I've run out of time! 

I've got to make dinner. Tonight I'm trying a recipe from Molly Wizenberg's book
A Homemade Life. It's called Bouchons Au Thon. The book is charming me and I am looking forward to these "tuna corks"

Happy Weekend!


  1. Great saying about the wrong path and turning back. nice pillows. i need to make some but can't seem to do it.

  2. fabulous unique pillows.

    i guess you know that in the eastern caribbean, "lime" is the word for kicking back with friends and having a sweet time doing whatever unfolds, as in "let's go lime" or "it was a sweet lime last night."

    So i am intrigued by the name of your nomad. Love it.

  3. Angella! I did not know that about the word lime.
    Thank you for pointing it out in all its perfection!

  4. I love it here. And that about the lime is awesome.

    Question darling: what kind of stitch did you use for the lettering and was it hand or machine? I want to put a little inscription on the back of a baby quilt I'm making and I want it to be just as nice as this...