Friday, August 5, 2011


I did not start out to collect slippers, I just only love slippers and though I like barefoot sometimes,
I love slippers more. Much more.
I've had oh so many slippers that I love but have had to toss
because I wore them to shreds and that is why my most recently
acquired pair (thank you Hair Doctor!) is so special. I think these, being made of leather,will wear quite a bit longer, the Moroccan Babouche (first pair on the right).

The beautiful blue felted pair on the left are my second favorites. 
The brown knit ones in the back I knit and fulled myself and they are well loved.
The colorful ones with the tassels are too beautiful to wear and the grass mat ones
on the back row left, are from my favorite cheap slipper source, Ichiban Kan.

Another unintended collection which keeps growing.

A small sampling of my scarf collection. Many I've knit or crocheted 
and the rest I keep finding and not resisting because I wear one every single day.
This particular collection began when I cut my hair so short it no longer covered
my neck. 
Lucky I live in a place that never gets too hot for wearing a scarf.

Funny how things become collections this way. You get one and then another and that's it. You're down a road that has no turns. 

And what a lovely road it is!


  1. I find myself loving collections of things more than the objects within them themselves.

  2. Elizabeth, I know what you mean. A group of like things is always intriguing and curious to me no matter what it is.