Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garden Tour

It's been a hit or miss, fly by night sort of summer in our garden this year.
Buying and renovating the Sweet Lime trailer has left little motivation available for gardening
and the gopher situation never helps, though now that every cat in the neighborhood
calls our yard home, there are fewer to no gophers in residence. 

There are now raccoons who visit nightly and have wild and crazy parties it seems.
They tear down the hammock and play in the pond, steal my gardening gloves
and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if some morning I went out and
found empty beer cans laying around.

Still, the "bones" of the garden are in and I've given in to the idea
of a low maintenance garden. Planting only natives that require nothing more than
cutting back once or twice a year, though they must be beautiful. So I've filled
in our "bare spots", spots I used to plant veggies and flowers in, with Lavender
and Rosemary and Erigeron. Plants that grow like weeds here and are useful, fragrant 
and drought tolerant and I can harvest and use them in my concoctions.

And there are the volunteers like the Nasturtiums...

they are creeping up the hillside but are easy enough to clear so they don't
eat up the succulents I've planted up there.

I've been tucking succulents in and around the garden for years.
I planted these shoes at least 5 years ago.

and this old kitchen spoon around the same time.

I've been tucking Buddha statues around for years too.

 This chair picture is a before shot, when the weeds were taking hold and
the plums on the tree were small and hard and looked like cherries.

I cleared the weeds and I imagine I've made a lovely spot for the raccoons to 
dance around under the moonlight, before they retreat to lounge in my yoga lair
and hammock.

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