Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Little Things

I admit, I have not been looking deeply lately.
I skim through my reader most days, pausing only
if an image is so arresting I cannot resist.
So it was that I didn't absorb/notice/READ this
weeks Texture Theme. I saw the texture, grabbed it and
new immediately how I wanted to use it because I'd had it in 
mind for weeks to play at making a photo into a painting
in Photoshop and there it was, a canvas texture!
Full Speed Ahead!!

So this morning I  actually read that the theme is It's the Little Things
and I'm caught short thinking, I'll have to do another but
then I realize what I've done is absolutely right on theme.

It's the Little Things, the here and now...
that make up everything.

The photo is of one of the Buddha statues in my garden. 
This time I managed to save the before photo but of course I didn't save the steps I took
to get the after   :O\

I used at least 2 layers of my own textures. One was a golden grungy sort of 
thing and the other had the dark frame and of course Kim's canvas. 
I didn't achieve the look I was after but I can keep trying.

The before:

Go here to see all the beauty.



  1. Beautiful image and great texturing.

  2. I think what you came up with is totally appropriate for this week's theme. I particularly like the monochromatic effect.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

  3. Thanks Pat. It needs some tweaking but it's growing on me.

  4. That's all we have is the here and now! Lovely textures

  5. It IS all we have. You'd think it would be an
    easy thing to live by!
    Thanks Geri.

  6. You achieved a beautiful transformation - even if it wasn't what you had in mind! Beautiful!

  7. oh WOW! What a beautiful transformation! I LOVE how you altered this photo.

  8. The thumbnail on Kim's site was so alluring. I collect Buddhas so I had to check this out. I like the warm colorcast from the textures. He is beautiful.

  9. Welcome Marilyn, fellow Buddha collector! It's just not possible to stop at three.