Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Oh my. What a nightmare.
My first attempt at using this week's texture disappeared 
behind a blue screen. Yikes!
I completely changed tracks after I finally got the screen back 
and worked fast and dirty and don't even remember what I did.
I did use Kim's scratch texture along with maybe 3 others (of my own) but I 
couldn't say exactly what I did to them.
I'm just glad it didn't all disappear. I'm signing off lickety
split to let dear computer rest and relax and recuperate after her
little "episode".
Thank you Kim. Love this texture!



  1. great use of the texture. it works well with the subject. it would be nice to see the before to compare. but, no big deal.

  2. intriguing image - she looks like she is heading off on an adventure - or jsut coming back from one

  3. Great texture for this image! Love it.

  4. Lissa, thanks for stopping by and of course, you're right I should put up the original too! Unfortunately this morning's computer fiasco got me all flustered.
    next time.

  5. Hi Helena,
    I like your positive outlook! I had the feeling it was a bit dark and ominous.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  6. and Thank you Cathy!
    These textures are awesome to play with.

  7. Oh no, the blue screen! Hope your computer is feeling better. ;)

    Your processing here is just gorgeous! I love the vintage feel, and all the emotions that are conveyed here.

  8. i love the textures with your image! they work perfect!

  9. oh dear, the dreaded blue screen!

    what strikes me about this is her determined stride, and the flat wall of the woods. She's so ready to travel, so i think that wall is a mere scrim, and she will break through it to the landscape that waits beyond.

  10. There's food for thought in this photo - well done!

  11. Thank you Angella and Pat.
    I learn from all your interpretations and am so grateful for them.