Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texture Tuesday and Camping in the Sweet Lime

We went camping up in the Napa Valley last weekend and I took 
tons of pictures with a new camera app called Vignette.
It's a fun little app that I couldn't put away and I took tons and tons of pictures with but when I got them on the computer they were all too small. They're fun and look great on the phone but
not great on the screen. Still I like some of them, like this one of the orange chair we came upon in
the Martha Walker Garden.
I used the Kim's Cracker Jack texture twice on darkened and multiply mode. 
I really like that texture...

We had the best time this weekend. We visited the di Rosa Art Preserve and camped in wonderful little park that had this native garden that was just a joy to wander. 
There's more  here at the Sweet Lime.

As always, there is more fun with this texture here at Kim's Place too.



  1. The red chair just calls to me and says sit down awhile and ponder the beauty of this place! I don't have an i-phone. I wonder if there's a vignette app for the i-pad - gotta check that out. I agree - the cracker jack texture is one of Kim's best!

  2. That's just what we did, we pondered and wandered and loved it.
    I'm sure there are some fun camera apps for the new ipad. Sadly the old one doesn't have a camera.

  3. the little red chair all cracked with the texture is great I'd sit too oh and I had a sticky at your blog love your wild garden fantastic

  4. thank you Box of Chocolates, glad you stopped by.

  5. Such a great pop of red and perfectly composed.