Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back Home

Florida was Grand, hot and stormy. It was wonderful to see my family 
and I wish it could have been a longer trip but at least they will be coming here in 
just a few weeks so I'm not complaining.

I jumped right into projects that I didn't have planned but needed doing. The entire
house was turned upside down and then put back together, we did some major
purging of books, clothes and other unnecessary items and the house feels lighter
and cleaner and happier. I can feel it. 

One project I did have planned was this.

Last year, I brought my daughter's doll house down from the attic with the idea of 
some photo play and maybe some re-decorating. I got maybe two photos and that was that.
The Giant Challenge has been "percolating"....
"composting" and today, in between priming the walls of what will soon be my Mom's bedroom and doing laundry and walking my very BAD bulldog, she did something so 'not toward' I can't even 
speak about it,  my idea for the house, coalesced.

Stay tuned.


  1. Poor dolls! Looks like their house needs help. I have my old dollhouse put away in the back of a closet in the studio my brother in law is now inhabiting but I have plans to rehab it. My grandfather made it or me many years ago.

  2. I just went to the challenge and I think I'll dig that dollhouse out of the closet and bring it over here and do it!

  3. So Lou doesn't like the new interior design and made her own improvements on it?
    Ah. Dogs do not like change, do they?

  4. Kristin...go ahead and drag it out of the closet!
    Take pictures! I'd love to see it.

  5. Ms Moon...Lu is hating life right now. I've never seen anyone, other than myself, so attached to "the

  6. I got the dollhouse out and it's a wreck but I've started working on it. You can see some photos here

  7. That picture is a crack up!!!! I'm looking forwards to seeing what you do...

  8. Thanks Max. Looking forward to seeing more you what you do too. Loving the chair idea!