Thursday, October 27, 2011


Work on the dollhouse is slow as I tend to my real life size house.
I have my next room plotted out and only need work out the
textile details. Not easy on such a tiny scale!

I've also been looking at gemstones and dreaming up some
new jewelry designs. With that in mind I've been re-visiting
some old designs. 

Such as the free form Peyote Stitch madness that struck me a few years back...

I love winging it and this was my first go. Not knowing any better, I started out
with beads a bit larger than are normally used for this type of weaving. 
Beginner's luck! It's a beauty, one I wear often.

Then came this one, a bit more...subdued in it's design but also well loved.

a narrower version but still "on the fly'' weaving.

and then this happened. 
Not pleased with the colors or shapes and sadly never got around
to finishing or fixing it but haven't given up entirely.  It's in
that I'll get around to it some time, Pile.
If not held in check, this kind of Pile can become a monster!
Lucky for me, beads don't take up much room.

This is one I made at a workshop I attended for learning this particular weaving stitch.
While I enjoyed the class and love the bracelet, I realized, for the enth time, that I am
not a follow the numbers kind of gal.

So be it.

While I appreciate the beauty in symmetry, it's the unexpected 
surprise, the asymmetry and randomness that draws me in and
keeps things interesting for me.

I have a friend who can't stand it, has to have things straight and 
even and I understand the impulse. I like the towels in my bathroom 
straight and my bed made and I wear the same color socks on 
both feet.



  1. i love asymmetry in jewelry! i tend to be a symmetry kind of girl (although family life does cure one of that) but in jewelry, unexpected is beautiful. and those bracelets, even the one you don't love, are just gorgeous.

  2. I am glad you are not a by-the-numbers girl. I love jewelry which surprises, which, like life, has its ins and its outs, its ups and its downs.

  3. Wow these are beautiful! Will you be making any to sell?

  4. Angella, Thank you! Family will cure you all your perceptions.

  5. Ms's what have you's...
    Glad you like the bracelets!

  6. Ellen...Thanks, so glad you like them!
    I am working on some and hope to have them in the "shop" sometime soon.