Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm a Giant Update

While I should be helping my sweet other half paint our real life bedroom I am instead making
my way through the list of bloggers participating in the I'm a Giant challenge.


There are some seriously talented people out there.

Take this for example.
and this...
For the complete list go 

My own progress is slow and somewhat disappointing.
I went ahead and did my text wallpaper idea on one wall and my sheer curtains
need some work.

I wanted them to spill onto the floor in a more....
romantic way. 
I went cheap and dirty with the floor and used a brown paper bag and glue because
I'd done that to the floor in my studio once and it looked awesome.
I still have to shellac or finish it in some
way to make it shiny and that chair cushion needs some help.

It's my Sunday stay in bed dream room...

So hard to photograph! This was taken with my phone.

and this with my regular camera...


  1. Wow, with being gone I had forgotten about the doll house. Loved how you have the bed just as though someone had crawled out and left it as is with the books tossed on the floor. Window treatments can be tricky. That shoji screen on the link you had was so real looking.

    Enjoy the simple pleasure of this!

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog! I'm already getting a little bit obsessed with dollhouse things... it's addictive!

    I kindof love the moody lighting in the picture you took with your phone, and this space is so darn creative and conceptual. I'm very impressed. Looking forward to watching your progress!

  3. This is such a great room. I just showed it to my daughter who said it would be a great full size room. I had my dollhouse kitchen covered in newsprint long ago. Thanks for the reminder. Mine is still sitting here waiting for me to get the walls back up. Stopped to do a photo wall on my real house.

  4. oh my gosh, this is awesome! this would be beautiful in a full size room. Brown paper bags shellacked as a floor covering in your studio? you must share a picture. it sounds amazingly cool. and this room in the giant challenge, well, i'd love to climb right into that inviting looking bed. and the newsprint wall paper is fabulous, especially combined with that pencil drawn portrait over the bed. you are such an artist. i am enjoying following along.


  5. Thanks Ellen. I know, that shoji screen is amazing. I can't wait to see what she does next!

  6. Kristin...
    this would be a beautiful full size room.
    If I had the space...

  7. Thanks Angella!
    I wish I had pictures of that old studio floor, I loved it, such an easy and cool fix for a plywood floor.

  8. OMG! That is brillant! Love!!! I want to make one of my own now - so inspired! Thank you for the heads up. My head has been so busy in work, I have not had time for true surfing enjoyment!

  9. Thanks Kim and you're welcome, I thought you'd be glad you're inspired!

  10. I LOVE the newspaper wallpaper and the sketched portrait is stunning. I like the tousled sheets, gives it a lived in look. Very cool work!