Monday, October 17, 2011


somebody's got a case of the Monday's
government offices have a way of giving one lethal doses of said Monday's.

I started my dollhouse remodel by tearing out the stairs because I don't know any dolls that can use them and they take up much needed space. I'm considering tearing down walls as well but I'm going to wait on taking such drastic measures. maybe finish one room before deciding.

On my drive into town today it was warm and I had the windows rolled down and the ocean was a glittering silky blanket and there was a truck with at least three giant boxers with big giant smiles on their faces on their way to dog beach and you could just tell their little stumpy tails were going wild with anticipation. my heart felt like it was filled with helium. Helium!

now it's time for toast on the sofa.

PS. That's a digital collage made on my ipad.


  1. We have an old doll house that someday I would like to restore. I hate to see the sad shape it is in right now. I like to remember when it was lovely played with by my daughter. Our kitties decided to use it to sleep in for awhile when I did not know and really created a mess inside.

    Digital collage! Beautiful!

  2. Have you ever read "The Tale Of Two Bad Mice"? It is one of my favorite children's books and it has a doll house in it and whenever I think of doll houses I think of Hunca and Munca.
    Boxers are joyful dogs. I miss my old Pearl sometimes. She wiggled her tail so much I'm surprised she had one left at the end.

  3. Hi Ellen...
    kitties in the doll house! OH NO!
    I'm sure if my Lu could crawl into the doll house, it would become her favorite spot for a nap.

  4. Ms Moon...I have seen that book! Used to read it to Em....
    I have a soft spot for boxers. Who can resist those faces and those eyes?

  5. a heart filled with helium! what a great thought for the day.

    love the collage.