Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm a Giant update

I think this is the end of it for me.
For now.
I've run out of room in my real house for my doll house
and toys but I'm happy I got to finish two rooms and I hope
to finish the others later on down the road.

I worked all afternoon yesterday throwing this one 
together. It's my Bohemian room of my own.
It's kind of like my old lair though the lair
was pretty spare compared to this...

That's a "chandelier" in front of that tangled beaded curtain...

It's so difficult to get a good shot!

I wanted my sofa to be a sectional with a chaise but
there would have been no room for it. I used checkers for the
feet and as a side table. I might have made a lamp had I more time.

I used the retro camera on my phone for this shot. I love those little
That's an old doll head I made years ago and thimbles make
perfect vases in this world.

I got lucky with the textiles. Both the rug and the sofa fabric
were scraps found in my stash and wouldn't you love
a knitted pillow made from super soft giant yarn? 

Yes you would.

So that was fun. 
Now I have to clean up my mess, put away my toys and drag
the house up to the attic til next time.

There are four other rooms to work on and
I have some ideas that I'll just let 
percolate and compost for a while.


  1. I love the colors and the way the room would translate into a big room or maybe how i'd like it if i were a dollhouse doll. i'm still working on mine. actually, my husband is doing most of the building rehab but today i got to try out some of the furniture and figure out walls etc. amazing how little space there is once i started putting things in.

  2. Oh, it is so lovely and gypsy and comfy. When you are working on these rooms, do you feel a little like god? Or, goddess? Or, perhaps do you feel as if you are creating a home for real-true tiny people? I never had a doll house so it is all a charming mystery to me.

  3. I particularly love how the room looks so different depending on the light. I love that beaded curtain/ chandelier, and the way the light shines in the window of that first shot and the way the colors transform as they do depending on the hour of the day. i imagine the little faerie people, moving in, happy at what yolie's hand have wrought.

  4. Kristin! it is amazing how much tinier the rooms grow as each little thing is put in. I'm surprised I got as much as I did in mine. I had envisioned so much more!

  5. Ms Moon...I never had a doll house either so I was thrilled when my daughter got this one for one of her birthdays. I don't so much feel like I'm creating forany tiny people, but I do imagine shrinking myself down to size. Would that I could!

  6. Angella I love all the different looks too. I still can't decide which I like better but it's amazing how different light transforms the room.
    Thank you.

  7. Oh I just loved how you got into this! The textiles add so much of the feel and realism to the room.

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