Thursday, November 3, 2011

Modern Komebukuro Bags

I managed to finish two Komebukuro bags this week.

Traditionally Komebukuro were used to carry
rice offerings to temples in Japan. 
Or to carry gifts, sadly, I don't think they're made
There are some exquisite examples at Sri Threads,
(see previous post).

The one below is made from an old dress that had these 
beautiful patches and buttons and 
I'd tried, unsuccessfully, to re-fashion the dress as a skirt. 
It's new reincarnation is far superior.
It's super roomy and perfect to hold my knitting.

The next one is made from an old unfinished quilt.
I don't remember why I never finished it, the fabrics are
beautiful and I was almost done with the hand quilting.
I've got enough to make another smaller version
that I will be putting in the shop next week
if my hand holds out.

I've done something to my hand and hand sewing is not comfortable
at the moment but I expect to make a full recovery tout de suite!


  1. These are truly gorgeous. The colors and fabric choices meld together...and the quilted one is true art.

  2. Thank you Ellen, I'm so glad you like them!

  3. These are beautiful. Wishing you healing for your hand!

  4. Thank you Kristin! The hand is proving to be more of a problem than I originally thought.