Monday, November 7, 2011


Two new pouches in the 

These are made the same way, with my groovy faux oil cloth
technique. While I love the feel of the cotton left on it's own, I love the
fact that I can spill my coffee on these and no damage done, more.

This little honey is printed with an old collage of mine. 

And this one from an old collage of my husband's concocting.

We can clearly see who the Photo Shop genius in the family is.
He took this simple little photograph, taken at the NY Museum of
Natural History, and made it something magic.
And then I took it and made it into something practical. 
Put your make-up in it, your keys or your thread and
scissors or
make some magic and store it in there.
It's in the shop.


  1. it fascinates me how our lives intersect; i have sat in that spot at the museum of natural history so many times. i love both your brands of magic.

  2. Thanks Angella!
    I imagine we have crossed paths in that city sometime. In a restaurant, getting on/off the subway, wandering a museum...
    So glad to have crossed paths with you.