Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three Things This Tuesday

that I would like to share...

Ann Wood

makes these most amazing owls among other things out of
vintage clothes.
She's brilliant. Go see for yourself.

Encaustic mixed media paintings.

This one is titled
The Manifestation of Cupcakes.

She's got a beautiful and extensive website.
Grab a coffee and
Go ponder.

And then there is

A gallery in NY that specializes in Japanese folk textiles is mounting
an exhibit in Portland Oregon this month here.

If I didn't have so much going on this month, I'd take the Sweet Lime on
a road trip.

Instead I'm making my own Komebukuro bags this week out of
some old half finished quilts.  

A new love. 
Pictures to follow later this week.

Thank you Internets. For so much beauty and inspiration.


  1. Art is a truly fine gift. For those who create it and for those who appreciate it. Seeing at how these artists are from the Portland area reminds me of my daughter who is an artist and went to school and Lewis and Clark there.

    Such a wonderful city! Thank you for sharing these links.

  2. Yes. Bless the internets. They lead us to...this.

  3. You're welcome Ellen. Portland is on my list of cities to visit some day.

  4. Ms Moon...
    this and so much other incredible stuff.
    like you for instance ;O)